I have always had an insatiable appetite for anything fashion, and, if I had to describe my personal style in three words I would say strong, classic, and feminine (like my personality). I love using clothing as a way to express myself, so I would also consider myself a bit of a style chameleon. How I am feeling when I get dressed in the morning helps me define my look for the day.

Fashion is the real introduction, it tells people a little bit about you before you even say hello. Exploring how to use different fits and fabrics to make the right statement for any circumstance is always a rewarding endeavour.

My blog is a mix of life and style, topics that are inspired by the world and fashion around me. I truly believe that (like an introduction) fashion is the first step toward getting to know yourself. This blog was created to inspire people to hopefully try something new within their own wardrobe while gaining confidence in how we each represent ourselves through fashion.

Life and Style. Wear with Confidence.